The Walking Dead Europe

Walk the story

While Rick and his crew struggle for survival
somewhere in Georgia, another posse faces similar
problems in the outskirts of Prague.

Our fan art project, inspired by AMC’s “The Walking Dead”,
is a photo-story meant to tell other fans how the show might play out
in different parts of the world. Take a look and follow the journey
of our Central European walkers and survivors.

Keep walking

A peaceful spot to rest and recharge
suddenly changes tone when a group
of walkers stumbles out of nowhere.

Keep walking

And our small band is forced
to fight to survive... again.

Keep walking

They fought valiantly,
but were outnumbered by the walkers.

Keep walking

And like too many times before,
a survivor 'walks away'...

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes to see the making
of The Walking Dead Europe.


Idea, Photo, postproduction

Silvia Kolesárová


Marie Bauerová
Bára Valentová
Joseph Ali Tehranian
Vratislav Kopp
Jan Kolář


Kristina Pokorná
Bára Peroutková
Michal Kos
Ondřej Hanel
David Doelman


Tomáš Furák
Kristina Kolesnyk
Martin Velfl


Jan Kolář (design)
Michal Kos & Martin Velfl (coding)

A big thank you to everyone who helped make
this project happen!

This project is non-commercial fan art and is not meant to infringe upon any copyright or trademark owned by AMC or Image Comics.

If you like it, please share it!

Walk again